Monica and Sandi

mmmmm...." Sandi moaned her fifth
orgasm of the evening.Light sparkled off the sweat that poured over her
creamy skin.Her bountiful breasts heaved in ecstasy as Monica ate out the
blonde's tasty pussy.The taste of strawberries was unmistakable.(That
was a great idea that Sandi had with the whip cream and ripe berries.) Her
new craving for tongue was insatiable; Monica ran her tongue over the
prickly surface of Sandi's shaved twat.To watch them it would be
difficult to tell that this was only Sandi's first experience in the arms
of another woman.She licked up the cum dripping from Sandi's nether lips
and then penetrated those twitching petels with her curled up tongue.The
ravenous brunette ran her hands over Sandi's beautiful breasts, admiring
the smooth curves on this sexy little vixen as she danced in pleasure to
the rhythm of a skillful tongue.Monica's head bobbed up and down on
Sandi's crotch.As the blonde pushed her lover's head down tightly between
her legs in another intense orgasm a world exploded inside of her brain.

 Sandi had always been a sexual carnivore who slept with whichever guy
she happened to be with.She enjoyed the sensation of a hard cock pounding
deep inside of her.It was just pure pleasure to feel the engorged organ
find its home deep inside her again and again.There had even been the
occasional threesome or even a gangbang, but it was always with men.In no
way was she a lesbian.Not that there was anything wrong with that, since
she suspected Monica enjoyed the company of women exclusively.But tonight
was girls' night out.It was sometimes nice to take a break from the
vicissitudes of life, regardless of how exciting they might be.A little
break can energize the weary but invigorate even the most passionate

 The girls were going to have a night to themselves watching foreign
films.They popped some popcorn in the microwave.The smell of buttery
hot kernels wafted through the flat.Popcorn smells the same wherever you
go.Monica poured some Gewurztraminer into a pair of cheap wine glasses
that they had picked up when outfitting their kitchen.Sandi dimmed the
lights and started up some movie about a Chinese girl who gets involved
with a peasant.Monica studied film at the university, where one of her
profs recommended Jiang to her as an introduction to modern Hong Kong
cinema.Sandi had some reservations about the tape, as the idea of an
academic film seemed boring, but she was a good friend and was willing to
stick it out to keep Monica company.

 The tape cover had a scene of a massive flowing river forging between
banks of verdant cliffs.To put it mildly, this had nothing to do with the
action inside.After the title credits there were about 10 minutes of plot
development involving a shopkeeper's hunky son, Jiang who is courting the
local lord's daughter.Then out of nowhere there was this demure little
chick getting it in a couple different orifices.Wow, where did that come
from, the girls looked at each other incredulously but neither one hit the
stop button.Suyi was the type of cute little girl whom you could imagine
being shy even talking about sex.Her parents were silk merchants.It
took some time (about 2 minutes) for Jiang to coax her clothes off and then
there she was, moaning and carrying on while the playboy pounds his meat
deep into her from behind.It must feel pretty good to her because she's
fucking him back by meeting each thrust with her ass.Shock waves travel
up her tight ass with each powerful penetration.You could tell from the
subtle camera work that this was not done as a cheap porno but it had the
effect of getting the girls wet.Lighting and shadows told a story of lust
that enhanced the thrusting onscreen.Suyi's hair always fell in just such
a way so her debasement was unmistakable.The other guy is lying down on a
small cot while the girl licks up and down the tip of his cock.She keeps
the head in her mouth while rotating her hand up and down his saliva slick
tool.Then she really gets wild when another girl walks into the room. 
The scene turns into a big orgy which fades into the plot of the movie as
the protagonist makes an appearance.The story turns out to be about a
peasant who has an overwhelming but unrequited love for the beautiful
Mei-ling.Princess Mei-ling is a frigid bitch who hardly has the passion
or heart of Suyi.He seems doomed to constantly search for ersatz pleasure
in another woman's arms because he cannot have what he truly desires, that
which he cannot have.Because none of these encounters provide sufficient
satisfaction for him, he must engage in progressively more extreme sexual
fantasies with multiple women he picks up along the path of his journey. 
This goes on for some time until all the participants satisfy themselves
repeatedly and gratuitously.The plot becomes roughly nonexistent at this
point.Ratings do not seem to apply overseas.None of this action could
have been inferred from the tame tape jacket nor from the indecipherable
label on its back.So it was with some astonishment when Sandi and Monica
found themselves watching an expensively produced foreign porno."Monica,
are you a virgin?" "Well, Sandi, I've never been with a man before if
that's what you mean." "Really?Haven't you ever been curious?I can't
stand going without a man for too long.It would drive me crazy.Maybe if
you tried it you would like cock as much as I do.Don't tell me you won't
get off on a stiff johnson penetrating you like you were made for it,"
Monica winked at Sandi."I don't know.Men just don't really do it for
me. I like being with women.For example, you are so much more fun to hang
out with than those guys who talk about football and boxing all the time,
but maybe I'll try it once or twice to see what all the fuss is about."
Sandi played with her hair and looked down at her feet as she contemplated
the idea.Monica had not been laid for a few months and was horny as hell
in general.Sandi never needed very much urging to get wet.After two
hours of hard pounding asian action, they were more than ready to roll.At
this point they decided it was urgent to have a man around.Seeing how
acrobatic this Asian guy was with creative sexual positions they had never
seen before made them very hungry for Chinese.

 There was a delivery place down the street, which served excellent food.
It was just a pleasant coincidence that the delivery boy was also a cuttie
that both of them had been flirting with for the longest time.It didn't
take long to order the food, but he sure took a long time getting there. 
The girls were getting antsy waiting for their delivery.Sandi had always
thought that Monica was cute but never admitted to herself how much seeing
her undress turned her on.Monica on the other hand was quite open with
the fact that she enjoyed an occasional romp in the hay with a tasty cunt
and let Sandi know on occasion that if she ever got curious she knew where
to go.

 Sandi was shocked when her girlfriend came over to her side of the coach
and planted a sloppy wet kiss on her mouth that boldly slipped a tongue
inside her lips.The taste of another woman's tongue proved to be
delightfully titillating to the brunette; she found herself dripping
moisture from her aching cunt.Sandi was very much in control as she
lifted off Monica's blouse, liberated her breasts, and pulled down those
cute purple panties.It felt so unreal to Monica, but her body had gone
well beyond the point of no return.So it was with delight and surprise
that she discovered how wonderful another woman could make her feel. 
Sandi's tongue penetrated Monica like some kind of pneumatic drill.She
had oral skills that Monica didn't even have words for.It was as if
someone had lit her body on fire.In and out, around and around, up and
down.Soon Monica was ascending to multiple orgasms.But Monica was not
one to let any favor go unreturned and she turned out to be an excellent
little clam diver as well.Monica hardly seemed to need air as she
hungrily sucked on Sandi's clit.Then the doorbell rang.

 Part 2 of Sandi and Monica's Chinese adventures to follow.
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